WIRELESS networks activity

BOREAS activities in WIRELESS communications and networks are :
1. Wireless pre-study analysis, for 400-500 MHz, 869 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz links.
2. Execution of site frequency survey.
3. Wireless installation study, including antenna placement, Fresnel zones and link dB calculations
4. Control of  RF Frequency and related transmission power, against  Local RF Regulation normes
5. Supply of Wireless modems, antennas and accessories 
6. System Installation and start up
7. Training on general engineering theory and practice for reliable wireless links 

Industrial Automation & Data Analytics and industrial networks for Industries & High reliability Assets

The scope of BOREAS Automation - Networks P.C. is to provide highly reliable automation control and IT services to industry and to Integrator companies, via the use of highend technology.
BOREAS' s  Engineers have great experience in the profession of Electrical and IT Engineering in Industrial or outdoor applications.