Industrial Networks activity

BOREAS activities in Industrial Communications and Networks provide :
Support for  popular industrial communication networks and protocols like :
Serial (RS232 / RS485), Ethernet, Ethernet IP, Controlnet, Devicenet, Modbus, Profibus , Profinet, Genius bus, DNP, IEC 61850 etc. providing the following services : 
1.Network design, calculation and redundancy study
2. Industrial Ethernet for SCADA, PLC and sensors / actuators
3. Industrial Ethernet for outdoor security systems and IP video cameras
4. Remote or WEB monitoring & control of automated installations and video surveillance systems
5. Fiber optic cable routing optimization and media redundancy
6. Supply of Networking Equipment, accessories and Software
7. On site realization, commissioning and startup
8. Re-examination and optimization of existing networking strategies and cabling
9. Training on Industrial Ethernet networks


Industrial Automation & Data Analytics and industrial networks for Industries & High reliability Assets

The scope of BOREAS Automation - Networks P.C. is to provide highly reliable automation control and IT services to industry and to Integrator companies, via the use of highend technology.
BOREAS' s  Engineers have great experience in the profession of Electrical and IT Engineering in Industrial or outdoor applications.