Boreas Project References

List of significant projects the last 6 years, with brief description :

RAVAGO Production SA / BALATON Industry:
SCADA and Control System of the Reclaiming Operation for Styrofoam® brand extruded polystyrene panel manufacturing plant. (Balaton, Hungary)

Wireless network in Pipe Line production and Final products warehouse. Four industrial wifi at 2.4GHz , 300 Mbit/sec air, in order to provide network access to fixed position PCs and mobile tablet PCs used by cranes operators.

Automation control adaptation for 10 furnaces , in order to support  new burners based on Natural Gas , instead of heavy oil.

SCADA replacement of the plant’s extrusion presses. Creation of new Intranet “Production management system and reporting”.

RAVAGO Production SA / ZAO Nisco Industry:
SCADA and Control System of the Reclaiming Operation for Styrofoam® brand extruded polystyrene panel manufacturing plant. (Moscow Russia)

Energy contract measuring station of the electrical energy provided to LAGHE grid, from the Co-Generation Plant of 300 MW.

network ( 8 stations) for monitoring the flow of natural gas in the cogeneration Power Plant located in the premises of the company and the distribution of natural gas to internal Alumina and Aluminium workshops.

ENEL Green Energy :
Revamping of  SCADA PC monitoring & control stations in four Hydro electrical plants in Greece and  remote monitoring for Athens offices.

Wireless network for the environmental monitoring of pollutants throughout the plant installations. It included nine peripheral stations and a central location with a SCADA system.

J&P Energy :
Local electrical control panels(20) for Crude Oil PipeLine in Libya.

Vivartia SA:
MES system for Filler machine lines.Automated  Filler machines with various PLC manufacturers and various types of possible communication port and protocols, where networked into a common plant wide industrial ethernet Hirschmann network. A DELL client - server system based on GE Fanuc "production management software" is realizing the MES system. Specific production information are passed on to SAP/R3 PM module, via the SAP XI module interface.

Johnson & Johnson :
Update, Adaptation and Start-up of the fully automated BECOMIX 2500 installation, that was transferred from France. A two server - two client Batch and Scada - plc application incorporating SQL archive and reporting of Batches produced, based on industrial ethernet communications.
Becomix_GR.pdf (220.94 KB)

Vivartia SA :
Automated chemical analysis result gathering from Laboratory chemical analyzers. Realized in three laboratories, special interfaces where developed using software platforms from GE Fanuc and Kepware, so as to centralize in a Labo server all chemical analysis results from laboratory analysers of various types and various manufacturers supporting serial or ethernet comms. Quality results are automatically directed to  SAP/R3  QM module for further exploitation.
Labo_SuccessStory_GR.pdf (482.61 KB)

ΜΟΝΟΤΕΖ chemicals :
Instrumentation and Automation study and realisation of the 1st phase of Factory Autonmation in EEx (Explosion proof) environment , with three PLCs and SCADA server station.

Aluminum of Greece :
IP Video monitoring of the East Gate for truck unloading surveillance. Wireless network video transmission.

Aluminum of Greece :
SCADA and network revamping and extension for the monitoring of signals and power measurements of the 15 kV Substation.

Hellenic Petroleum SA:
Engineering and installation of a system that transfers data from the refinery’s power infeed of 150 KV substation, to the main power management system.

Alonisos island :
Wireless tele-monitoring of island’s water resources

Geranthron municipality in Lakonia Greece:
Waste Water treatment Control System

Aluminum sa :
Development of  an industrial gateway between Aloumina plant and new 300 MW energy station plant. The gateway was based on two DELL redudant servers, Hirschmann Hipering redudant ethernet network, Rockwell's OPC server ( RSlinx) and Foxboro OPC client . The industrial gateway exchanges realtime process data for the steam supply of the Alumina plant coming from the new energy station.

PPC automation of mines – ABB contractor :
Boreas has consulted in the study and implementation of the Hirschmann Industrial immense network ( 300 optical switches) , used as the communications means for the new conveyor station plcs and server / PCs .  


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