Elpro's Serial and Ethernet Communication modems

Wireless data modems connect to serial or Ethernet links and transmit the data wirelessly. The modem controls the wireless messages and data ports to provide a “transparent” data transfer.


ELPRO's Wireless Serial Data (Radio Modems)

RS 232 and RS485 connections , Industrial power supplies, industrial temperature ratings :

model  405U :

up to 9.6 Kb/s wireless data :
405-490 MHz 10-500mW license-free
220-235 MHz 5W licensed
model  455U-D :

up to 19.2 Kb/s wireless data
380-520 MHz 10MW-5W licensed or license free
model 805U-D :

up to 76.8 Kb/s wireless data
869 MHz 500mW license-free

Elpro_bro_455U.pdf (1.11 MB)

ELPRO's Industrial Wireless Ethernet 
10/100 MHz Ethernet connection, plus RS232/485 data ports
Industrial power supplies, industrial temperature ratings
Elpro_Bro_245U-E.pdf (2.15 MB)

ELPRO's Industrial Wireless Ethernet

model 805U-E :
up to 76.8 Kb/s wireless data 869 MHz 500mW license-free

model 245U-E :
245U-E-G (2.4GHz, 400mW) and 245U-E-A (5GHz) provide up to 108Mbps, encrypted, repeatable, meshed Ethernet connectivity to link industrial process and automation applications

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