Elpro's Input / Output modems

Wireless I/O connects directly to analog, discrete and pulse transducer signals. The signals are transmitted by radio using ELPRO's intelligent WIB-net wireless protocol. The signals are either re-created as output signals, or output via serial link or field-bus.


Model 105U-x


Model 105U-x Features:

Fixed Frequency radio bands - Europe, Africa, Asia, China, Australia & New Zealand. Covers licensed radio channels in most countries.

105U 105U-1 105U-2 105U-3 105U-4
Digital Inputs 4 4 0 4-16
Digital Outputs 4 1 8 4-16
Analog Inputs 2 6 0 0
Analog Outputs 2 0 8 0
Pulse Inputs 1 4 0 4
Pulse Outputs 1 0 4 4


  • Monitoring and control by wireless or twisted-pair wire
  • Sensor signals connected at one module (input signals) are transmitted to another module where the signals are recreated as output signals, or passed via serial or Ethernet data bus to a host device such as a PLC or SCADA system.
  • Short distance and long distance applications
  • Four I/O versions available
  • I/O expansion via RS485 multi-drop serial to I/O modules.  
  • Up to 95 wireless units in one network.
  • WIB-net intelligent wireless protocol. Peer-to-peer communications.  Exception reporting. Reliable self-checking messages.  Highly secure data encryption.
  • Easy to use,  reliable,  and secure.
  • Simple or complex networks. Small or large networks.
  • Interface to large variety of data bus  -  Modbus TCP,  EtherNet IP, Modbus RTU, Allen-Bradley
  • DF1, Profibus DP (Slave and Master), Devicenet,  Modbus Plus, HART.  More information.
  • External I/O plus internally calculated values  -  analog setpoint status, pulse rate and pulse total, power supply voltage,  power supply alarm
  • Wide voltage power supply,  with integral UPS battery charger and solar regulator
  • Multiple failure diagnostics with output status
  • Strong extruded aluminum case, with plug in terminal strips for ease of wiring connection and maintenance.
  • Industrial temperature ratings

Model 505U-K 

The Single Sensor Wireless I/O range of products is suitable for connecting to a single sensor. Capable of being powered by battery only supplies.
869MHz 500mW fixed frequency - suitable for Europe and South Africa
Typical Applications
Connection of flowmeters or energy meters 
Monitoring of storage tanks
Monitoring of cathodic protection on pipelines
Wireless alarms from power reticulation fault-relays
Two digital/pulse inputs and one analog input 
Extremely low power consumption by reverting to "sleep" mode 
Multiple power supply options including battery-only supply 
Weatherproof enclosures 
Easy installation and configuration 
WIB-net intelligent wireless protocol, peer-to-peer communications; exception reporting; reliable self-checking messages; highly secure data encryption 
Set-point status on analog input available as an “internal” input.  
Can connect to up/down counter transducers such as shaft-encoders 
Internal monitoring and alarm on low supply voltage - this alarm can be transmitted by radio 
Easily configured to repeat the transmission several times, ensuring  transmission is received 
Used in conjunction with Multi I/O and Data Bus Interface units which act as receiver units

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