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Kepware's serial OPC server: 
How often have you needed a reliable way to acquire data from Weigh Scales, Barcode Scanners, RFID readers, Sensors, Digital Displays, GPS Systems, Meters, Printers and other industrial devices? U-CON Protocol Server enables you to quickly and easily establish communications with nearly any serial or Ethernet device. U-CON Protocol Server is based upon the same technology found in Kepware's field-proven OPC/DDE Server KEPServerEX, so acquiring your data through U-CON enhances the reliability & expandability of your solution.
U-CON, the User-Configurable Protocol Server.
How often have you needed to get that last piece of data from a bar code scanner, scale, or other industrial device but have been hindered by the lack of a communication driver? Now there is a solution!
The U-CON Protocol Server enables you to quickly and easily develop communications drivers for nearly any serial or Ethernet device.
The U-CON Protocol Server integrates all of the features and functions that you depend on for your own driver projects. Features such as OPC 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 support with tag browsing, automatic tag database generation, DDE support, NT service support, channel diagnostics, and event logging are included. U-CON Protocol Server also supports other features such as modem support, communication port configuration, standard error handling features with configurable retries and timeouts, and OPC diagnostics. Once you develop a communications driver profile, users can make changes to common settings such as serial port number or device ID without changing the project profile.
The U-CON Protocol Server is based upon the same technology found in our Industry leading OPC Server, KEPServerEX. With U-CON you can get all of the benefits of a true multi-threaded 32-bit environment without the need to learn the intricacies of Microsoft Windows development. 


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