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Kepware provides users with reliable industrial software. You can download and try Kepware software in order to discover the advantages of use that led Kepware in a leading worldwide position in the industrial IT market
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KEPServerEX OPC Server KEPServerEX is a scalable solution for connecting, managing, monitoring, and controlling diverse automation devices and software applications. Communications is managed through a robust platform that supports an array of open standards such as OPC, proprietary communication protocols, APIs, and various automation systems' interfaces.
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ClientAce OPC .NET Toolkit ClientAce provides simple-to-use tools for developers wanting to build an OPC client application. With powerful drag-and-drop controls or a full API, you can quickly OPC client-enable your .NET applications.
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LinkMaster OPC Bridging LinkMaster has the capabilities of both a "server" and a "client" application, allowing it to access, collect, organize, and link data from multiple OPC servers with built-in scaling, user-access manager, error tracking, and write optimization capabilities.
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RedundancyMaster OPC Redundancy RedundancyMaster increases the reliability and availability of OPC data allowing multiple OPC Servers to be configured into redundant pairs, then seamlessly appear as a single OPC Server to any OPC Client application.


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BOREAS automation - networks is a solid representation partner of Kepware Technologies US for Greece.

Industrial Automation & Data Analytics and industrial networks for Industries & High reliability Assets

The scope of BOREAS Automation - Networks P.C. is to provide highly reliable automation control and IT services to industry and to Integrator companies, via the use of highend technology.
BOREAS' s  Engineers have great experience in the profession of Electrical and IT Engineering in Industrial or outdoor applications.