KepserverEX industrial OPC server




Kepware's OPC server products : 
KEPServerEX is an OPC server which provides direct connectivity between hundreds of different PLCs,
Employing the universally accepted OPC standard, KEPServerEX maximizes the promise of OPC and system in use.
Multiple device drivers can be “plugged in” to one application which centralizes devices, and systems, and a wide variety of OPC client applications, including HMI, SCADA, Historian, MES, ERP, and countless custom applications. expedites project development through the use of a single server interface, regardless of the control communications and greatly reduces user learning curves 
System Integrators have now great tools to use in their effort to gather plant information from new or existing PLC and Scada inplementations, without  the need to touch all that is already working.
KepserverEX , combined with the GE PLANT DATA REPOSITORY , is a powerful tool for creating a global  industrial data base at Plant level.
Detailled  information for KepServerEX and the usuful add-ons can be found in the following pdfs : 




OPC servers by KEPWARE
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