Secure Remote Access

Below are presented remote access devices, with plug-n-play VPN secure connections, that aim at  remote programming, industrial data collection, Asset remote management (machines, equipment, devices etc.) 

Secomea, a field agent that permits almost plug-n-play secure remote programming access


Secure remote access solution for  Maintenance, After Sales, remote programming of PLC , HMI, Scada client-servers.
Setting up the whole connection is a plug-n-play procedure :
- one port connected to the local isolated industrial network ( PLC etc.)
- one port connected to the non-secure "office network" that has Internet access ( ADSL or mobile connection)
- The  field agent does the rest by securely connecting to Secomea cloud (or your company cloud) via  VPN ( no user configuration needed, apart username / password)
- You can access stations ( PLCs, PCs, DataPanels) in the remote industrial network, via a free special VPN client application on your PC.

Gecko, a field agent for Remote Programming access proposed by BELDEN-Hirschmann


Product Description

For control engineers and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) machine builders, who need constant monitoring and control of their global systems, the Secure Remote Access Solution offers them instant access for maintenance or troubleshooting.

product also helps companies embrace the Industrial Internet of Things movement by enabling a secure way for many devices to connect together and communicate.

the core of the Secure Remote Access Solution is a cloud service to which customers can connect their remote network devices. Multiple versions of software and hardware are available to complete the system, including the ability to manage the network from personal computers (PCs) or mobile devices.

Expanding network reach without complex programming.

·        Secure remote access, diagnostics and PLC programming via a flexible hardware and software solution

·        Use your standard PLC and HMI tools, just as if you were onsite

·        Provide instant support to ensure machine uptime

·        Operate machines without physical access

·        Service global customers without the expense of travel

·        Connect to remote devices via a secure cloud

·        No IT knowledge required to set-up system

·        Permanent IP addresses are not required

·        Firewall friendly – no need to reconfigure company firewalls

·        Avoids the complexity of virtual private networks (VPNs)

·        SiteManager software runs inside Hirschmann GECKO switches

·        GateManager can be hosted by customer

On the Secure Remote Access microsite you will find related related software and documentation:


GE field agent, a secure gateway between your operations and the cloud, proposed by GE Digital

GE cloud field agent

 Introducing the next layer in GE’s Industrial Internet systems solution.

GE’s Field Agent technology is the critical link required in an IIoT chain for cloud-enabled analytics.

Field Agents provide a rugged, pre-configured solution for secure data collection and conveyance from the machine. Connect to nearly any industrial asset and leverage

GE’s Industrial Internet Platform to collect data, analyze trends and uncover insights that improve operations and asset performance. Build out remote monitoring & diagnostics capabilities safely and securely, utilizing encrypted channels that preserve data time stamp, quality and fidelity.


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