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PACSystems RX3i
PACSystems RX3i
Unifying your process control system, making it more flexible and open to upgrades or conversions is possible with a programmable automation controller solution. PACSystems RX3i is affordable, easy to integrate and provides unprecedented freedom in application portability across multiple platforms. Driven by Proficy Machine Edition development software, it features a single control engine and universal programming to boost your overall automation performance.
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Autonomous smart Remote I/O - RSTi 
Wide Range of Communication Options
·        Network interface support for PROFINET RT, PROFIBUS, Modbus TCP and EtherCAT
Hot swap capability
·        Minimize downtime
·        Separate I/O current paths
·        Inputs and outputs switched off independently
·        Easy failure resolution without impacting the rest of the running application
Plain text diagnostics via integrated web server
·        Ease of troubleshooting and maintenance
·        Modularity/pre-assembled cabling
·        Fast, reliable installation
On-module LED
·        Easy error diagnosis--localize errors instantly with an LED directly on the channel and status indicators on every module
·        Facilitates secure commissioning and rapid system maintenance
Small Footprint
·        Maximize or reduce cabinet space
Integrated SIL3 Safety
·        Incorporate SIL3 safety input modules to seamlessly integrate safety functions such as emergency stop alongside standard I/O in a single drop

Versamax PLC
Versamax PLC
While PLCs should be both powerful and reliable, some operations require the added features of flexibility and versatility for their controllers. For this reason, GE Fanuc has developed the VersaMax PLC, part of an innovative control family that combines a powerful CPU with a broad selection of I/O modules, terminations, and power supplies. Plus, its communication modules link to a variety of networks. Modular and scalable, VersaMax offers big PLC power in a small package. It is part of an innovative control family that combines a powerful CPU with a broad selection of discrete, analog, mixed and specialty I/O modules, terminations and power supplies, as well as communications modules to link to a variety of networks.
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Versamax Micro Nano PLC
Versamax Micro Nano
For operational environments where panel space is limited but high volume applications and processor speeds are required, we offer VersaMax Micro Nano PLC. With its all-in-one construction, this compact PLC provides maximum functionality, including up to 64 I/O points (expandable to 176 I/O points), fast cycle times, a robust instruction set and extensive memory to multiply your programming options. Its modular design allows for flexibility and easy installation. Palm-sized, powerful and economical, VersaMax® Nano and Micro PLCs give you all-in-one construction to save panel space. Its easy application provides you with a quick solution by snapping onto a DIN-rail or mounting in a panel.

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BOREAS automation - networks is a solid representation partner of  GE Intelligent Platforms in Greece, for the Automation control series of products.

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The scope of BOREAS Automation - Networks P.C. is to provide highly reliable automation control and IT services to industry and to Integrator companies, via the use of highend technology.
BOREAS' s  Engineers have great experience in the profession of Electrical and IT Engineering in Industrial or outdoor applications.