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One of the Best Greek Companies for Automation and Industrial IT networks aiming  at industrial & infrastructure projects. 
BOREAS automation & networks is supporting Industry by promoting High Quality Industrial Electronics Equipment Manufacturers
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IIOT Automation Remote Access
Remote PLC programming, Switches, SCADA PCs, Central Data Logging
  Dream Reports  SOFTWARE  integrates Real Time  OPC connections, Data Base connections : Historian GE, Wonderware, Eurotherm, Ms SQL, Oracle. Provides  Web server. Dream reports indeed ! Contact us for details




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Enterprise Central Process
Historian & Reporting
software by GE. Applied on
any manufacturer's automation
platform supporting OPC

New Products

OpenBat, high reliability DualBand WiFi modem at 450 Mbit/sec
Hirschmann OpenBat, high reliability DualBand WiFi modem at 450 Mbit/sec.

Configurable ordering with many choices on harware and software capabilities.

Applications range from Wifi in industrial sites  indoor / outdoor, moving or static stations, distributed remote staions, to point-to-point connections up to 10 km.

Supports 2,4GHz, 5,8GHz, with double transmitter and 8 x SSID per transmitter as access point, client, point-to-point, router, bridge, mesh network etc.

GE RXi Box Industrial PC 64bit, for electrical panels, -25'C to +65'C (with SSD).

Applications range from Communication concentrator, Data collection store & Forward,  Local Historian, web server, Remote control. Can be loaded with a range of industrial software as GE HMI software CIMPLICITY, iFIX, τον GE Historian data collector & archive and with  Kepware OPC software.


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Industrial Automation & Data Analytics and industrial networks for Industries & High reliability Assets

The scope of BOREAS Automation - Networks P.C. is to provide highly reliable automation control and IT services to industry and to Integrator companies, via the use of highend technology.
BOREAS' s  Engineers have great experience in the profession of Electrical and IT Engineering in Industrial or outdoor applications.